“I have found there are three stages in every work of God. First it’s impossible, then it’s difficult, then it’s done.”

-Hudson Taylor

Our Culture and the Mindset of Our Faculty

This school will be, first and foremost, a ministry. Those that work in this ministry, especially teachers and administrators, should feel they are called to this ministry. Thus, working with us will be nothing like a regular teaching or administrative job. We seek faculty that are willing to be “living sacrifices” for Christ…faculty members that embrace a life of sacrifice in order to disciple students.

One of our founders once had the opportunity to work with an American family that had started a school and orphanage in Central America. This family sought all sorts of donations to run the orphanage and to provide a Christ-centered education to its 300+ students. But they used none of the donated money to pay themselves a salary or to provide for their living expenses. They had their own businesses and ventures back home that funded their ministry. This forced them to live a life of faith and trust in God’s provision, and it also reassured donors that their finances were being used wisely.

Their example reminds us of how the apostle Paul also worked to fund much of his ministry. Now are not saying it is wrong to use tuition or donated money to pay teachers (and we are not declaring we will never do so), but our vision is to hire faculty that have a servant’s heart and are in a financial place that they can give some (or all) of their time for free. Thus, we really feel like those that work for this organization will be called, not unlike those that are called to the mission field are called.

This  “servant/kingdom worker mindset” will enable us to keep tuition as low as possible for our students and it will enable us to give certain students full-ride scholarships. It will also facilitate a culture of trust and faith in God’s provision while reassuring our donors that money is being spent wisely. Lastly, this willingness of faculty members to live a life of sacrificial giving will set an amazing example for our students.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this ministry is to disciple students and raise them up to be radically devoted to living a Christ-centered life amidst our increasingly secular, anti-God culture. A rigorous classical education is an integral part of this discipleship but is not the only part. If our school only ‘produces’ well-educated students we have failed. We thus strive to raise up students who choose the upside down, Christ-centered way of life that rejects the way American culture says we should live and, most importantly, the way American culture defines success. We strive to cultivate a belief in young people that success in life simply means obedience to Christ. We strive to disciple students in a way that they will become imitators of Christ.